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The new online Molly Academy 2023 course consists of a package of 6 highly complex projects suitable for those who intend to perfect the basic techniques previously acquired in modeling sugar paste, cold porcelain, isomalt and any other component relating to cake decorating.

We will travel together around the world dedicating a specific project to each of the 6 continents which will recall, through my memories, the iconic images of places I visited during my international tours.

We will therefore focus on faces, expressions, bodies and accessories.



01 - Europe (January 2023)

02 - Australia (March 2023)

03 - Asia (April 2023)

04 - South America (June 2023)

05 - Africa (September 2023)

06 - North America (November 2023)

* Choose if you would like to pay the whole course immediately or choose to pay in more installments:

MOLLY ACADEMY a real online art training school


The BASIC package is aimed at all who want to learn the basic techniques of modeling for cake design even without ever having previous experience.

Here you will find 6 independent and non-preparatory projects that you can follow in the order you like

We will mainly work with sugar paste and edible colors using many small tools and accessories, but remember:

Everything is Useful and Nothing is Indispensable



01 - Base Completo

02 - Baptism

03 - The Ark

04 - Face

05 - Female Body

06 - Girl First Communion